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Is this too confusing? If so, please let me know.

Each thumbnail is a link to a larger image. Feel free to click around.

In the small room and main studio areas, there are text descriptions of the room, with links to the various sections of artwork you can see.

In the living room and the hall, you can click on the direction arrows to move around. There are also word directions like "closer" or "back" to describe more specific ways of moving. There is a map in each area to help you navigate.

Or, if you want to skip straight to a certain section, here is a small table of contents:

Main page
About the artist
The hallway
The living room
A small room full of art
The art studio
Corner of art studio

Basically, I wanted to convey a sense of being in the studio. So each page is divided by room, and in the case of the larger rooms, by section.

Hit your back button to return, or go back around to the front.

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