About the Artist

About the Site

This site is the product of three people: Chandra Garsson, whose art this is; Amanda Dahl, who photographed Chandra's art, and Aki Sasaki (me), who built the site and is maintaining it.

This site is not as professional as it could be; most professional art sites I've been to tend to have each piece alone, on a plain white background, with title and dimensions beside each piece. Chandra already has a site like that, and you can see her art like that at galleries.

I prefer seeing her art in person, in her studio.

This site doesn't convey that perfectly... I'm limited to 72bpi graphics and bandwidth... photography can be a beautiful art in its own right but doesn't always convey the immediacy of being next to an actual object... and we're not professionals here. Except Chandra. But I've tried to the best of my ability to show her studio as it is like if you walk into it, given the above limitations.

No dimensions. No titles. Just art, covering the walls and tables.

If you are interested in finding more about Chandra's work, make sure to check her about the artist page and give her a call.

-aki, april 2000

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